self-boudoir Male

In a persons mind, biceps is the measure of manhood. I have complemented the manhood and the bare body with the partially shown scarf which adds perception of colour.


20151212_105633 (2) (1280x853).jpg
Biceps – manhood

How to do this –

Set the focus before switching off the lights. Clicked in a dark room to create a strong back shadow which enhances the biceps. Strong flash also creates a deep contrast at the vertical muscle below the shoulder.

  1. Use the on camera flash at 1/2 of its power.
  2. ISO 100
  3. Aperture F20
  4. Shutter Speed 1/50
  5. White balance – Auto
  6. Lens 18-55mm at 55mm

A bold step for an Indian to venture into this. I hope this doesn’t define my Oops! moment. And I shall survive this.